What I want to get out of the Journalism Masterclass I’m taking on Udemy?

I want to improve my writing, namely for blogging purposes. I believe blogging can be a very handy personal tool but I seem unable to blog as I would like.  It is easy to let life go by without taking the time to reflect upon what is happening in your life in each moment. When blogging turned popular I became interested but always struggled to write often and more important, to write genuinely, about what was going on in my life. To be able to go back a year and see a snapshot of what happened to me on a certain day, what I did, whom I spoke with, what I thought that day, what I experienced is a huge blessing that is very appealing to me. I hope with this masterclass I can start conveying better my experiences and thoughts and thus contribute to my own happiness, both while writing and in years to come. Life is short. Keep blogging.