Hello WordCamp Europe, I’m Nuno

Following on the tradition set by Jeremy FeltRhys Wynne and probably others, I wanted to do an introduction post about me for WordCamp Europe attendees (and maybe invite you to do one yourself).

Hello everyone! My name is Nuno Morgadinho. I’m co-founder of WidgiLabs, a development and consultancy shop focused on WordPress (you guessed it!), and creator of WP Conference Theme among other plugins and a SaaS for the real estate industry.

I’m traveling to WordCamp Europe with my partner-in-crime and dear wife Ana, which is in the organizers team as Speaker Torero, staying in an apartment in Leiden for the duration of the trip.

I’m super excited for attending the first ever WordCamp Europe. This is definitely a fantastic opportunity to keep up with emerging trends in the WordPress community, network, learn and get better and better at building WordPress stuff.

After helping out in WordCamp Lisbon in 2011 and 2012 I have tremendous respect for the schedule and venue that await us all.  I’m looking forward for meeting as many of you as possible. However I’m particularly looking forward to attend and speak about the following topics:

  • Marketing and Innovation of Premium Plugins and Themes – after creating WP Conference Theme and being in charge of it’s marketing, quality process, etc. there is a ton of information I would like to share and talk about with others interested.
  • Using WordPress for Building SaaS Products – I think WordPress has a huge potential for creating successful large scale SaaS products once the community solves a few issues. If you’re interested in this topic as well I would love to share notes.

So if you fall into the following categories, send me a tweet or leave a comment, I’d be keen to meet up!

Furthermore, we’ll be knocking around Leiden on Thursday, so if anybody fancies meeting up during the Siege of Leiden for a beer or two and a natter of all things WordPress, it’d be great to hear from you!

Restricting wp-admin using Tadlock’s Members plugin

1. Install Justin Tadlock’s Members plugin

2. After activation go to User > Roles and edit the Administrator role and add a new capability called ‘access_admin’ for example

3. Add the following code to your theme’s functions.php:

function restrict_admin(){
	//if not administrator, kill WordPress execution and provide a message
	if ( ! current_user_can( 'access_admin' ) ) {
		wp_die( __('You are not allowed to access this part of the site') );
add_action( 'admin_init', 'restrict_admin', 1 );

And you’re done! Only users with the ‘Administrator’ role or the ‘access_admin’ capability will be able to access wp-admin.

Why you Should Attend WordCamp Lisboa 2012

At this point you may be wondering if you should attend WordCamp Lisboa in favor of other events occurring on the same weekend or even just relaxing at the beach. For that reason and also for people attending their first WordCamp I decided to share a few things you can benefit from joining in:

Keep up with emerging trends – Attending conferences is a great way to get practical tips, to keep up with emerging trends, and to meet other people doing amazing things.

Networking  – You’ll probably find not just WordPress lovers but also Web geeks passionate about everything surrounding the Web. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and perhaps even, who knows, find that co-founder/business partner you’re looking for. It’s ok to skip a few sessions and just hang out at the Happiness bar or in the halls.

Learn – Be introduced to various new concepts and techniques. Various techniques for using custom post types, custom taxonomies, etc. will be presented. How to scale WordPress, how to explain to a client the value of using WP in favor of other systems, rapid prototyping with WordPress – are also some of the topics that will be covered this year.

Get Excited – Working on the Web presents many challenges and is becoming increasing more complex and more exciting. Mobile phones and retina displays are giving website owners more platforms they need to support, and discussion is hot right now about what good tools and techniques should be used.

Get better and better with WordPress – By end of the day you’ll probably feel your WordPress knowledge has increased 2 fold. Have you seen the international speakers this year?

If for some reason you can’t make it on the 28th you can also join the after-party or the hack-day on the 29th. See you there.



Who has the longest flight this year?

I’m always fascinated when international folks sign up to attend WordCamp Lisboa. Last year, out of nowhere we saw @jboydstun and @drewstrojny, founders of Theme Foundry, on the attendee list. At first we thought they were just supporting us by buying tickets, little did we know they were spending a few weeks in Lisbon! We immediately sent them a tweet making arrangements to meet and in the end even had Drew give a talk!

Other international speakers last year were Scott Berkun, now out of Automattic and into writing again (go Scott!) and Isaac Keyet, co-founder of  IntenseDebate.com.

This year we raised the bar and we have even more international speakers. Now that the program is out I can finally brag about it, some of the speakers we’re having:

  • Ryan Hellyer – developer at Metronet.no, writer at WP Realm, etc. Will be joining us from Norway.
  • Noel Tock – Web Designer specializing in WordPress & Project Management. Also founder of happytables, a SaaS for restaurant websites. Noel will be flying from Switzerland.
  • Kim Gjerstad – from WordPress Newsletter Plugin WYSIJA. Kim comes from Montréal.
  • Hanni Ross – Happiness Lead at Automattic. Flying in from France.
  • Cristi Burca – WordPress Core contributor, plugin author and web developer (if you don’t know Scribu you shouldn’t be reading this anyway!). From Romania.
I’m very excited with WordCamp Lisboa this year and I can’t wait to meet everyone! But this year’s surprise has to be Siobhan McKeown, from Words for WP, flying in from the UK which last week tweeted she would be joining us. That’s great news, I love to see people flying from all over the place to spend a few good days and relax in sunny Lisbon in this late summer and attend our local WordCamp.
Thanks for everyone that is supporting us and stay tunned as we announce where the after-party will be :-)

So, who has the longest flight this year?

What is truly unique about a WordCamp

As we’re getting closer to WordCamp Lisboa and the preparations are coming together I though I’d share a few thoughts here about why I believe a WordCamp is a one of a kind event.

Me and Zé went to check the auditorium where the WordCamp will be held this year and while driving back to the office a sudden epiphany came to me: WordCamp is truly an unique event. How so? Think about it, most events are normally aimed at one or two of the following:

– promoting a company’s brand or culture

– making tons of money

– pitching a product or service to other people

– renting booths to companies to advertise their stuff

– networking

WordCamps on the other hand, standing on the shoulders of BarCamp and the likes that inspired the first WordCamp, are aimed at bringing developers and users together, no one is trying to sell you anything (WordPress is free anyway), you just have people hanging together, learning and having fun meeting each other.

And that my friend is something you don’t see every day.