Masters say this is all a big illusion, that life and everything around it is nothing more than an illusion, Maya. The first reaction when people hear about this is that it’s total crap. How can it be an illusion if I’m seeing it, if it is here happening in front of my eyes?

Think of a tooth, for example. If you curl your tongue and touch any of your tooth, it really feels like a nice polished surface. Nevertheless, if you zoom into it you’ll see it is actually made of tiny razorblades. It is not that what you see is not real. It’s just you’re probably not seeing it through the right lenses.

Our soul does not keep time, it merely records growth

Caine: Master, what is the best way to meet the loss of one we love?
Master: By knowing that when we truly love it is never lost. It is only after death that the depth of the loss is truly felt and our loved one becomes more a part of us than was possible in life.
Caine: Are we only able to feel this towards those whom we have known and loved for a long time?
Master: Sometimes a stranger known to us for moments can spark our souls to kinship for eternity.
Caine: How can strangers take on such much importance to our souls?
Master: Because our soul does not keep time. It merely records growth.


Sapo Codebits 2009 Talks

Codebits is a programmers/hackers conference that is going to be held in Lisbon during 3 days in the first week of December.

I’ve now talked with a couple of friends and colleagues and many seem not very excited about it and confessed they would most likely not attend. While there can be several explanations for this, I think one of the main reasons is due to the bad PR work the organization has been making. If you go into the main page of the conference you don’t get a clear picture of what will happen, what talks can one expect and what topics will be discussed. As an example of the proper thing see the StackOverflow DevDays page. That’s what you want, a page with speakers, date and topic. Not a blog with pictures of profiles rotating like if you were seeing a dating site.

Having said that I also wanted to say I think Codebits is a great fucking idea and you’d be silly not to attend. There are already some great talks for this year and many of the people there are the enthusiastic developers you probably don’t get to hang around in our daily job, and that can inspire you and renovate your enthusiasm.

Here are some of the talks already announced for this year’s edition*:

  • Web Application Development by Kai Seidler (Sun Microsystems).
  • Ruby 1.9 VM’s internals with DTrace by Lourens Naudé, independent consultant and a founding member of the Scrooge DB optimization layer.
  • MySQL High Availability Solutions by Lenz Grimmer, MySQL Community Relations Team at Sun Microsystems.
  • Distributed version control systems, also by Lenz Grimmer.

Some of the talks are summarized based on the full description of what was published in the Sapo Codebits 2009 web site.