A Designer’s Point of View on the New Potential Habitable Planet

Artist: “So what should this thing look like?”
NASA engineer: “It’s 600 light-years away. How the @#$% should I know!”
Artist: “Picking a planet from an old Star Trek episode at random then.”
NASA engineer: “Ok. But no funny stuff. Save the stars, rainbows, and unicorns for your acid trips.”
Artist: “Nebulous clouds in the background- check.”


taken from http://science.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=2559186&cid=38270564

Using JQuery and QTip to Make an Image Map with Tooltips

I’m trying to meet everyone at the office and thought about marking down in an office plan the people already met, what they do, etc. This turned out to be very easy to do with JQuery and QTip. Here’s how:

First of take the image you want to use and head down to this site to produce the image map automatically (that’s one handy tool I tell you):


After that you can use the ‘alt’ attribute to put the tooltip text. The end result looks like this, some of the spaces are still empty so you’ll have to find the ones that aren’t :)