AZ Artistic Residence

I recently joined the AltLab Hackerspace in Lisbon, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

This month we will have an artistic residence, which consists basically in going away to a small city in the countryside for a few days and have fun doing projects. Now comes the fun part, I have two projects I want to do:

  • “It’s a rainy day” / “It’s a sunny day” – a small project involving Arduino and a humidity sensor to detect if it’s raining. Depending on the sensor it shows in a LED display the sentence “It’s a rainy day” / “It’s a sunny day”. I plan to use this as an introduction to Arduino programing. Later I can extend it for more advanced stuff.
  • Robot Web Controller – a project that consists in building a Web interface to control a robot. The idea is to pilot a Guibot via a website and see what the robot is seeing through its camera.