I didn’t buy it, Ana got me one for Xmas out of nowhere! I was pretty astonished as she had to sign a contract with Telecom to get it :s

On the cool side:

  • the apps – you buy them of Apple App store using iTunes or directly via the phone very easily.
  • software updates – with many mobiles if you get an error in the factory software the only way to get it fixed is to do a firmware upgrade, and you need to be a bit adventurous to do that and hope it works. With the iPhone it is very easy to upgrade the software and people are improving and reporting bugs every day.
  • it’s a GPS, it’s a PDA, it’s a mobile phone, it’s an iPod.
  • internet browsing, google earth, youtube, games, etc.
  • you can ssh or remote connect from it.
  • good integration with the Mac and Google, it syncs calendars, GMail accounts, etc.

On the not so cool side:

  • the battery – it’s a GPS, it’s a PDA, it’s a mobile phone, it’s even an iPod but it is not magic :) That means the battery doesn’t last too long if you use it for internet browsing, google earth, youtube, etc. If you use it like a mobile phone it should last the same as a normal mobile but I haven’t test this (guess why). Nowadays I charge mine every two or three days depending on the usage. This is the only reason I see why it may not be the ideal thing for a traveller. Maybe you can work around this with a second battery?
  • camera quality is so-so.

This is all I can remember but as you know there are a lot of reviews out there. Someone was telling me it doesn’t do photo sms’s but it is not something I use anyway. I can upload photos to Flickr or Picasa on the go with an app I have :-)

And apart from that, you’re always connected to the Internet, which is a new experience. Sure you can get the same thing with a Blackberry but … this is such a cool device really. You should just go to a shop and try it for a while. You’ll see.

Apple product announcements

Last night came the new Apple product announcements. During the keynote, several web sites had live feeds, amongst them macrumors. They got hacked and this is how it started:


Hehe, damn pirates!

Among the announcements I like the idea of organizing photos in iPhoto by face (using face detection). That’s just cool.

Some of the announcements are described here.

Macbook TV

Received today a Mini-DVI to S-Video adapter to connect to a TV and watch movies on it. Just had to change the refresh rate in System Preferences -> Display. With the option ‘Mirror Displays’ not selected I can extend the monitor and watch a video on the TV and do other stuff on the laptop.