I didn’t buy it, Ana got me one for Xmas out of nowhere! I was pretty astonished as she had to sign a contract with Telecom to get it :s

On the cool side:

  • the apps – you buy them of Apple App store using iTunes or directly via the phone very easily.
  • software updates – with many mobiles if you get an error in the factory software the only way to get it fixed is to do a firmware upgrade, and you need to be a bit adventurous to do that and hope it works. With the iPhone it is very easy to upgrade the software and people are improving and reporting bugs every day.
  • it’s a GPS, it’s a PDA, it’s a mobile phone, it’s an iPod.
  • internet browsing, google earth, youtube, games, etc.
  • you can ssh or remote connect from it.
  • good integration with the Mac and Google, it syncs calendars, GMail accounts, etc.

On the not so cool side:

  • the battery – it’s a GPS, it’s a PDA, it’s a mobile phone, it’s even an iPod but it is not magic :) That means the battery doesn’t last too long if you use it for internet browsing, google earth, youtube, etc. If you use it like a mobile phone it should last the same as a normal mobile but I haven’t test this (guess why). Nowadays I charge mine every two or three days depending on the usage. This is the only reason I see why it may not be the ideal thing for a traveller. Maybe you can work around this with a second battery?
  • camera quality is so-so.

This is all I can remember but as you know there are a lot of reviews out there. Someone was telling me it doesn’t do photo sms’s but it is not something I use anyway. I can upload photos to Flickr or Picasa on the go with an app I have :-)

And apart from that, you’re always connected to the Internet, which is a new experience. Sure you can get the same thing with a Blackberry but … this is such a cool device really. You should just go to a shop and try it for a while. You’ll see.

Macbook TV

Received today a Mini-DVI to S-Video adapter to connect to a TV and watch movies on it. Just had to change the refresh rate in System Preferences -> Display. With the option ‘Mirror Displays’ not selected I can extend the monitor and watch a video on the TV and do other stuff on the laptop.