Reactjs and WordPress

Reactjs is a popular frontend framework by Facebook. Its main idea is to allow for the easy creation of “reactive” and user interfaces based on declarative programming.

WordPress continues to be a powerhorse that continues to be the best suited CMS for 99% of the use-cases out there. So it’s kind of a no-brainer to put these two together to create awesome reactive websites and web apps.


Business growth requires experimentation

Somehow we get fixed on this idea of getting it right the first time. It’s like we were planning to write a book and expected the first sentence we write once we sit at the table is a Shakespeare poem. Unfortunately business growth doesn’t work like that and is much more connected to experimentation and refinement than anything else.

That means we need to explore and try out different acquisition channels for our ideas until we hit one that we can grow at a fair growth rate.  

The challenge is that when you don’t see progress for a few weeks we start doubting ourselves and thinking we should perhaps work on something else rather than tweak it and improve it.  

What do you think?