Hi there, visitor. Welcome. This blog is mostly about my ramblings and I’ve been using it for a few years now to write down my thoughts.

Who is Nuno?

That’s a good question actually. I like to think of myself as someone who loves using technology to make cool stuff. I’ve been playing with computers since 1990 and I’m happy my grandfather bought that ZX-Spectrum when he did.

Some of my journey so far (it’s all uphill from here):

  • Started writing my first book “Revamp” (2019)
  • Attended the “Key Person of Influence” Business Accelerator in London (2018)
  • Became a parent (2017)
  • Running Berlin’s Half Marathon (2017)
  • Finished my degree and MSc in Computer Science. (2006)
  • Worked for YDreams. (2007)
  • Quit working for YDreams to go and live abroad while working for the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany. (2008)
  • Meeting the love of my wife (not knowingly) and not screwing it since. (2003)
  • Winning Sapo Codebits in 2009.
  • Having quit working for the European Space Agency and starting WidgiLabs. (2010)
  • Finding Kung-Fu (or being open to it when it found me) and practice since. (2003)

About this Blog

“I like my blog. It’s mine. It’s my space, a way of “loud” thinking, of truly expressing myself. It doesn’t have to be different, it doesn’t have to be cool, it doesn’t have to be intelectual or philosophical. In fact, what it needs is to reflect me, who I’am, I have to be here.”