WordPress On-Line Course Goes Live

After my talk “Using WordPress to create Sites that Customers Love” over at Explorers Festival I was invited by the good folks of Eduke.me to produce an on-line course aimed at small business owners and other professionals that want to start using WordPress and learn about its great potential.

The recording took place in early December last year and when I was recording this was my audience :-)


The link for the full course is below, if you register on the platform you get a free course so if you want just to check it out there is no associated cost. Click here to access the course:


The course is only available in Portuguese but if you watch it I would appreciate feedback about what you most liked, what you didn’t like and how I can improve it for the future.


One of our mission goals over at WidgiLabs is to promote and democratize the use of WordPress. This is just one of many contributions we want to make. Enjoy.