Who has the longest flight this year?

I’m always fascinated when international folks sign up to attend WordCamp Lisboa. Last year, out of nowhere we saw @jboydstun and @drewstrojny, founders of Theme Foundry, on the attendee list. At first we thought they were just supporting us by buying tickets, little did we know they were spending a few weeks in Lisbon! We immediately sent them a tweet making arrangements to meet and in the end even had Drew give a talk!

Other international speakers last year were Scott Berkun, now out of Automattic and into writing again (go Scott!) and Isaac Keyet, co-founder of  IntenseDebate.com.

This year we raised the bar and we have even more international speakers. Now that the program is out I can finally brag about it, some of the speakers we’re having:

  • Ryan Hellyer – developer at Metronet.no, writer at WP Realm, etc. Will be joining us from Norway.
  • Noel Tock – Web Designer specializing in WordPress & Project Management. Also founder of happytables, a SaaS for restaurant websites. Noel will be flying from Switzerland.
  • Kim Gjerstad – from WordPress Newsletter Plugin WYSIJA. Kim comes from Montréal.
  • Hanni Ross – Happiness Lead at Automattic. Flying in from France.
  • Cristi Burca – WordPress Core contributor, plugin author and web developer (if you don’t know Scribu you shouldn’t be reading this anyway!). From Romania.
I’m very excited with WordCamp Lisboa this year and I can’t wait to meet everyone! But this year’s surprise has to be Siobhan McKeown, from Words for WP, flying in from the UK which last week tweeted she would be joining us. That’s great news, I love to see people flying from all over the place to spend a few good days and relax in sunny Lisbon in this late summer and attend our local WordCamp.
Thanks for everyone that is supporting us and stay tunned as we announce where the after-party will be :-)

So, who has the longest flight this year?

6 thoughts on “Who has the longest flight this year?

  1. I think I may have broken the all time record for travel times to WordCamp's when I managed 45 hours from New Zealand to Oslo last year. If anyone has taken longer, please lemme know :)

  2. thanks for this overview! i'll add myself to the list – hoping that my air miles to Lisboa will be smooth sailing :)
    my family will most likely move to Portugal in a few years and i'm quite excited about that, but at the moment i'm still officially an Italian dude based in London :)
    at WordCamp Lisboa i'll be introducing Pods Framework (http://podsframework.org/) through the case study of a major research site redevelopment i managed in the past few months. looking forward to WordCamp!

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