What is truly unique about a WordCamp

As we’re getting closer to WordCamp Lisboa and the preparations are coming together I though I’d share a few thoughts here about why I believe a WordCamp is a one of a kind event.

Me and Zé went to check the auditorium where the WordCamp will be held this year and while driving back to the office a sudden epiphany came to me: WordCamp is truly an unique event. How so? Think about it, most events are normally aimed at one or two of the following:

– promoting a company’s brand or culture

– making tons of money

– pitching a product or service to other people

– renting booths to companies to advertise their stuff

– networking

WordCamps on the other hand, standing on the shoulders of BarCamp and the likes that inspired the first WordCamp, are aimed at bringing developers and users together, no one is trying to sell you anything (WordPress is free anyway), you just have people hanging together, learning and having fun meeting each other.

And that my friend is something you don’t see every day.