i9 Conference

If you haven’t seen yet there is going to be an awesome conference for startups and entrepreneurs (builders, makers, hackers) happening in Lisbon in October. i9 Conference speakers include so far:

  • Brad Feld (feld.com)
  • Clint Nelson, Director of Startup Weekend
  • Bill Liao, co-founder of Xing.com
  • Alex Farcet, co-founder of Startupbootcamp
  • etc.

I must say I’m particularly attracted not so much by the talks themselves but by the workshops. Rather than having the normal conference talks, in the first two days the program includes workshops such as:

  • Stone Soup – “how to create something from nothing”
  • The Art of Customer Development
  • Making Open Innovation Work
  • From Innovation To Cash Flows
  • Social Media Tools and Open Innovation
  • (more to come)

Definitely worth checking out, hope to see you there!