Last Assignment

This is the final week of the P2PU WordPress Development course. Read on..

We don’t want you to have too much work this week. After all you’ve already reached this point and that’s uber awesome. However we do want you learn something new. So here is what we have planned:

Client X has called. He is having a blast watching the statistics for his new photography site.He started thinking how hard would it be to start selling his photos via his website. In this final week you will help Client X to turn his photography site into a online photography shop.

The goal is to have a new page on Client X Website where he has listed all is photos with an associated price and possibly a link to some payment gateway (e.g. PayPal). Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated since you can use one of the availble e-commerce plugins for WordPress:

As usual for approval on this assignment you will need to provide a link to my e-mail at with your p2pu username.

Cheers and don’t forget, always Enjoy!