Skeleton Custom Post Type for Week 4

Last week’s assignment on my P2PU WordPress development course was all about exploring custom post types, that nifty feature that 3.x brought us and that has made everyone talking about using WordPress as a CMS more seriously.

Unfortunately its not so easy to get into custom post types, especially if you’re coming from a non-programmer background. As a way to ease that pain I decided to share a skeleton of the custom post type so instead of starting from scratch you can start from a working version.

As I was planning to do this, @dannygsmith beat me to it and provided the following code. Use it and abuse it, this is your chance to get the assignment done ;)

Custom post type ‘gallery’: download

Also Núria Ramoneda decided to share some links to help you in the process:

Thanks to both of them and get to work everyone. Time is running down! But don’t forget.. Enjoy!