Week 4 – Exploring Custom Post Types

This week’s assignment:

If you got to this point you call honestly call yourself a self-learner. Most folks have quitted or fallen behind. If you’re still with us, congratulations, you are part of the top. However, before you can call your status you’ll have two final assignments. This week and the final next week. For this week assignment read on…

Client Y loved your work and asked if you could provide a full site, based on WordPress,  besides a blog. This would involve having a WordPress installation with a blog page (where blog posts will go) but also a page where photos will appear with some  information. He would like the ability to enter photo information via the admin panel.

Suppose he wants to add a photo. He should have the admin panel option ‘New Photo’. Within this menu he can add:

– Photo’s Title
– Photo’s Description

And as extra fields:

– Location where the photo was taken
– Year the photo was taken
– Camera used

The photo itself will be added via the ‘Featured Image’ metabox.

Can you do it?

Hint: Custom Post Types are ideal for this kind of job.

Stuff that can help:

– Provide a link to my e-mail for approval on this assignment with the subject: “your_p2pu_user/assignment4”. Results will be posted on-line afterwords.
Update: For your changes to take effect on the frontend, meaning in the appearance of your site, you will need also to update the theme files in order to retrieve the extra fields and display them.
I would like to take the opportunity to say that I will personally raffle a WordCamp Lisbon ticket (http://central.wordcamp.org/) to the students that finish all the assignments. This is a great opportunity to visit Portugal and learn more about WordPress and the community behind it :-)