Week 2 Assignment

Client X was really impressed by the work you delivered last week. During the weekend he showed his blog site to one of his collegues and gave him your contact. You now have a second client, client Y, that would like some work done. Namely we would like you to:

  • Create a custom login form
  • Customize the admin panel (he doesn’t like the default panel)
  • Create a custom widget in the frontpage with multiple checkboxes:
    • What tribes do you belong?
      • Developers
      • Designers
      • Entrepreneurs
      • Hackers
– Provide a link to my e-mail and include your p2pu username and Week 2 Assignment on the subject for approval on this assignment.

– Be sure to drop by today (Wednesday) on Campfire (https://alforreca.campfirenow.com/c300e), we’re here to help you!

p.s. – as promised here the top 11 of last week’s assignment: http://bit.ly/fwOair