Hackers Moving Away from WordPress in Favor of Cloud Aware Blog Engines?

Back in August last year we saw Harper Reed (link), ex-CTO of Threadless, moving away from WordPress in favor of Jekyll, a simple blog aware engine that allows you to host your blog on Google’s app engine.

Running your blog on the cloud (Google’s app engine, Amazon, etc) can have several advantages, ranging from cost to scalability, ease of administration, etc. but the thing with Jekyll as far as I see it is that it’s basically a static site generator.

Today also Richard Jones, Last.fm founder & ex-CTO, started converting his blog to Jekyll templates, according to this update status on Twitter. Is this is a tendency that will grow this year? I don’t know..

It seems to me a shame that we can’t run WordPress on Google’s app engine, or any other cloud infrastructure for that matter. But also I would be in terrible pain if I had to move away from WordPress in favor of static site.