WordPress Development Course: Week 1 Assignment

And the assignment for week is out,

Client X really liked the work you delivered last week. He is so excited with his new blog that he asked for further help.
He started posting on his new blog site and he normally uses two categories (‘casual work’ and a second one). He would like that the posts that go into the second category be styled differently, although in the same page.
He asks: “Is this too much for your knowledge? Should I hire an expert?”
You’re not really sure how to do the task but you want to extend your WordPress knowledge and so you say yes.
You trust your learning abilities and you know WordPress is well documented, e.g. in the Codex http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page

Also, your WordPress friends recommend that you develop a ‘child theme’ to complete this task instead of changing the theme files, they say it would be the best way.


As you think further about it, a sentence echoes in your mind: “Is this too much for your knowledge? Should I hire an expert?”

– Provide a link to my e-mail and include your p2pu username and Assignment2 on the subject for approval on this assignment. Results will be posted on-line afterwords.