WordPress Development Course: Week 0 Assignment

Today starts the WordPress Development course I’ll be running on P2PU. I’m terribly excited about it. It represents a lot of good things happening, community learning in an open and free environment, that’s awesome.

The course will work by week assignments. Each week the students will have a small challenge to overcome. This is the initial assignment:

Week 0 – Assignment #1 – WordPress Development Course

Your task for the week is to help Client X.
Client X has called and he needs a fresh install of WordPress 3.0.4 done on a server somewhere, he doesn’t care where.
He also asked you create a few pages for him (About, Contact, Services and Gallery).
He is a photographer and needs an on-line presence, so you’ll need to install a nice theme for him and have a photo gallery going on in the Gallery page.
Unfortunately he needs this done a.s.a.p. It is up to you to accept the challenge or not but you’re not one of those people that accepts a job and then doesn’t deliver so you’ll have to close this job until the end of the week (Sunday Jan 30, 23h EST).
Will you manage to do it?

– Provide a link to my e-mail with the subject “p2pu_username/assignment1”  for approval on this assignment. Results will be posted on-line afterwords.

Good luck!