Eating Out in Lisbon

Ohh I’m going into dangerous territory here reviewing restaurants. There is lots and lots of choice and by no means I’m affiliated with any of these restaurants so please don’t get too sentimental over it, it’s just some of my favourites.  Scenario: You have a group of friends and you want to go out in Lisbon to have some food. The options can be overwhelming, there is a lot to choose from and you probably won’t be easily disappointed. Nevertheless, here are some of my favourites that you can try.


Price Range: ~ 17€ per person


Avenida Conde de Valbom Nº52-A
1050-069 Lisboa, Portugal
217 613 580

The pizzas are the best I ever had and you can have half of one kind and half of another which is great.


Price Range: ~ 10€ per person


8A Rua Pascoal de Melo
Lisbon 1000-230
21 812 3349

“Hong Kong Grande Palácio” is a Cantonese restaurant with awesome food and low prices. Perfect for your Udon soup :)


Price Range: ~18€ per person


Rua da Palmeira, 15
Lisboa, Portugal
213 421 407

Very nice restaurant especially if you manage a place outside in the private garden.


Price Range: ~ 15€ per person


Travessa do Pregoeiro 15,
1600 Lisboa, Portugal‎
217 143 622‎

A very special place with ties covering the ceiling of the main room. Extremely good food.

What about you? Any favourites you want to share?