Modern Warfare 2

Most modern games amaze me but some more than others. It is no surprise that the game industry deals with the bleeding edge of computer graphics and that’s one of the reasons I recently took more interest into games again, because every time I look at the graphics of my PS3 games I gaze the television in a mixed feeling of respect and fear.

Although I haven’t bought yet the latest kid on the block, Modern Warfare 2, I think the numbers and technology involved is worthy of reflection:

  • You can play on-line against other gamers
  • It is available for PC, PS3 or XBox360
  • At whatever time of day you find half a million other gamers
  • It took the makers 2 years to develop
  • Cost the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster
  • Had sales worth 550 million dollars in the first 5 days.

One thought on “Modern Warfare 2

  1. And the PC version doesn't have dedicated servers and a good anti-cheat (it takes about 2 weeks to ban a cheater)
    But i bought the game e play it almost every day – Its the best FPS around (at least 4 me)

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