How to Get More From Social Media and Networking

Do you want to get more from social networking? Do you want to increase the level of conversation and interaction with your followers? Then start chopping down, not adding more of them.

I’ve reduced the number of people I had on Twitter from 185 down to 50. I was getting hammered by so many tweets that I didn’t care that some of them had to go. Over the next weeks I will be selecting 50 persons that I will follow and interact with. That means those 50 better be good or they will be replaced.

Information overload. That’s a big problem. Our heads are overloaded with information and simplifying all that information into a digestible form is a big challenge. What’s the solution? Selection.

Result = Good quality content

One thought on “How to Get More From Social Media and Networking

  1. This is a important issue in life. Nuno you are so right about this subject and indeed QUALITY = GOOD RESULTS. It is kind of hard to actually follow people on Twitter now since there's so many people. I'll definitely look that out and I'll do my own clean up soon! thank you.

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