Hackers, Makers and Geeks in Lisbon

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have some friends who are not applying to SeedCapital because they are by themselves. Unfortunately there isn’t yet a place where people can see what projects are in need of more people. It is also not that easy to meet someone on-line to work together. We need a certain trust in that person, etc.

I think the best way to meet people that are interested, smart and have initiative is to attend one of the many hacker events that are held monthly (or at least regularly). In Lisbon we have several of them:

Twittlis – monthly meeting of twitter.com users in Lisbon

AltLab Hackerspace Lisbon

Lisbon Perl Mongers Group

Comunidade Portuguesa de Rich Internet Applications

Lisbon Ruby Group

Gathering of Developers

One Over Zero Group

Do you know of any other groups?

Update (13/12/2009): Since this post I’ve found out about the following groups:

XAMLPT – Comunidade Portuguesa para Tecnologias de Apresentação da Microsoft: WPF, Silverlight, Surface

Ignite Portugal

Portuguese Ubuntu Community

Mobile Monday Portugal

Confraria Security & IT

6 thoughts on “Hackers, Makers and Geeks in Lisbon

  1. btw, It's not Lisbon Ruby Group, it's portuguese ruby group. we co-organized some dinners in Coimbra and Porto.

    I think it's just a mather of audience, if enough people organize stuff outside of Lisbon, the rest of the community will mostly follow (ex: takeoff, barcamp).

  2. Unfortunately I don’t know any. I would be interested in such groups but not only in Lisbon. Portugal has Hackers, Makers and Geeks also outside Lisbon, some of them are truly good ones and other truly bad ones, like in Lisbon :)

    Can’t understand why we have so many Lisbon Groups and not Portugal Groups instead.

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