Marathon Training Applied to Startups

Today I’m going on a Fun Run so I’ve been reading on how to prepare myself. I found this nice website with guidelines and tips on preparing for the Marathon and what I realized was that the mental strategies they discuss can be applied for anything you want to obtain. I thought it might be a refreshing read if you’re stuck with a boring project or something you’re having trouble finishing off. Or even if you’re starting a new project it might help. We know that with the right mood and the right mind-set everything is easier. The question now is how to trigger your mind into that state. Like they say on the article:arriving at the starting line in less than the ideal state of mind can have a devastating effect on your performance”.

  • Mental Rehearsal/Visualization – The process of creating pictures or images in your mind.
  • Imagery – Playing out/imagining in your mind the way you wish for an event to occur.
  • Self-Talk – The “voice” in your head that can be trained to provide positive affirmations during adversity and tough times.


Do you use any of these techniques already?