12 Things About A Lot of Things

**12 Things You Like:**

– Martial Arts
– Cinema
– Entertainment
– Entrepreneurship
– Travelling
– F-o-o-d
– Friends
– Computers
– Hacking/Programming
– Spirituality
– Social things, events, gatherings, meet-ups
– Being part of a group
– People that have an excellent attitude towards life
– Buy things for the house of for an office.
– Extreme activities, adrenaline

**12 Things You Would Like:**

– to be in shape
– to have more money
– to be a vegetarian
– to start a company
– to ride a motorcycle
– to have a sailing boat and know how to navigate it
– to visit the united states
– have a bigger house; have a pool, an office, a pool table, a garden, horses.
– spend more time with my family
– to know more kung-fu
– to haver deeper spirituality
– live next to the sea

**12 Things You Don’t Like:**

– Person’s who don’t love what they do.
– People that do things without thinking about what they are doing.
– People that are rude or unpolite.
– People that don’t make an effort to know what they are talking about.
– Getting drunk just for the sake of it.
– Drugs or mind-altering, conciousness-altering things.
– Some kinds of music, some kinds of food.
– Shopping for clothes, f-o-o-d.
– Violence
– To be stressed, to have to meet deadlines instead of concerning with overall quality
– Not to be in control
– To be told what to do

**12 Things That My Team Should Do:**

– Daily scrum meetings – really; discuss what you accomplish last day and what you will be working on; name impediments.
– Regular presentations on the systems we maintain – keeps the environment young and proactive and helps distributing the team knowledge.
– Do more pair programming – Call a member of the team when you are doing something interesting or if you want to pass knowledge.
– Work on improving and modernizing the current development environment, installation procedures, documentation – use better tools for diagrams.
– Invest in Linux knowledge
– Invest in proactivity
– Invest in a testing framework and test-driven development
– Do smaller software releases
– Optimize existing things
– Have a clear picture of the architecture of the software.
– Invest in Collective Ownership: Make t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, pens..

**12 Things That You Need To Start A Startup:**

– One or more COTS products
– Ways to receive payments
– A Trademark
– A website
– A co-founder
– A development environment
– A backup system
– Someone to take care of your finances
– Someone to take care of your legal protection
– External experts that can advise you
– Excellent Networking and Socialising skills
– Will power and motivation

**12 Things That Would Make The World Better:**

– More Environment caring, recycling initiatives
– More House-Building, take technology to poor countries initiatives
– Less corruption
– A more efficient system for politics: The Benevolent Dictator Model?
– More Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur-Help initiatives
– More Spirituality in the sense of helping people feel better and live better
– More Healthy food initiatives
– More End Hunger initiatives
– More Cyclists and less cars
– More efficient fuels.
– More meditation.
– Better education.

**12 Things That I Could Do To Make The World Better:**

– Cycle everywhere; not use my car
– Recycle
– Be aware to energy saving
– Be aware to water saving
– Not buy leather products
– Not eat meat
– Serve as a volunteer in initiatives that make the world better
– Contribute to groups and initiatives that make the world better
– Meditate more.
– Build a great company.
– Help other people learn about new technologies, computing, programming etc.
– Incentive new kids to learn about the great things about technology, computing and the world.