Things that Motivate Interest in Young Companies

Jizz, I need to go out more. Read less stuff on the Internet and just concentrate on my work and on getting things done.

Want a good advice on how to get things done? Turn off your Internet.

That said,..

“In my experience, these are the things that motivate me to take interest in young or “pre-profitable” companies:

* Small, talented teams where each member can do “a little of everything”. Essentially entrepreneurs where the team are more “doers” than “managers”.
* Talented engineers that are great product people. These people blow me away.
* A feature (which is often the whole product of the company), that combined with one of our products, can immediately increase usage and revenue for both entities.
* A product with tremendous growth potential in need of resources and a business team to increase revenue.
* Users: You need them, and they need to LOVE your product.
* A team who sees combining with our company as the best path to achieving their bigger company, personal or product goals.

Trust me, it is hard to fake these traits. Eventually your flip strategy will be seen through, and it will either blow up the deal or significantly decrease the value of your company in the eyes of the acquirer.”