It starts with the Entrepreneur

“It starts with the Entrepreneur. Someone who sees a way to make a difference in a clinical outcome and how to effect that change. When we see the entrepreneur for the first time we always remember the hard work and commitment it has taken to get to this stage.

During this initial meeting we look for their ability to define:

* The Problem
* Market Size
* Current Treatments
* The solution
* Value of market
* Reimbursement
* The founding team

We challenge the entrepreneur to give a clear informative review of their proposal, and we commit to giving open honest feedback. Development of any idea rests on these points; and through these conversations expertise from both sides shapes the new venture.

Next steps often involve introductions to connections that we feel may be interested or be able to offer help on a project. If Incube and the Entrepreneur feel there is a complementary mix between both parties, the venture will move through diligence and validation of theory and markets, into capitalization of a company.”