Where are you heading?

I have a friend named John. I hope he doesn’t mind if I write here what I think is happening with him.

I think he is very demotivated, partly because he isn’t enjoying his work and also because he is going through a complicated phase. He seems himself being at a pretty dull phase of his life. Work is boredom; tedious; uninteresting. He doesn’t have the energy to carry it out.

Outside work he does appreciate life, especially when he gets together with his friends and the girlfriend he loves. But he doesn’t have any plans or anything to look forward in the next months/years and especially he feels a bit imprisoned where he is now.

I think he is going through a rough time. He used to do a lot of sports and be very energetic and zen but nowadays he isn’t practising anything any more and he feels himself being dragged down, more and more.

John: I want you to know I’m not going to let you go down friend. Life is the most wonderful bliss someone can have and although all the beings out there are trying to influence you, there is a light that will guide you if you search for it.