How Making Money Can Help the World

Making money can seem a goal that goes against helping the world becoming a better place. I was talking with a friend about this and suddenly I realized maybe I could write a few lines about it. Maybe first I should say the context in which this discussion occurred it was related with entrepreneurs (specifically people starting startup companies), so the real question I’m trying to answer is:

How making money with your startup company can help the world becoming a better place?

I think there isn’t anything wrong with making money and help the world, you just need to be an entrepreneur. In fact, one of the things that the world desperately needs right now, is that more people become entrepreneurs and initiatives that support them in the process. Don’t shoot me just yet!! The reason I say that is because the organizations and companies that those people will create, are the best options we have to help us with the real things that the world needs in order to become a better place.

And what exactly are those things? And how exactly can they help? In almost every area of the society (environment, politics, education, health, etc) there is many things that can be done: more environment caring, more recycling, fighting poverty, bringing technology to the poor countries, fighting corruption, fighting world hunger, more efficient fuels, etc.). And the products that big and small organizations produce should try to address these problems. But these are just my thoughts. What about you, what do you think?