Kickstart Entrepreneurs Weekend "MBA"

It started with everyone introducing themselves and talking about the motivation to attend the event. During the rest of Friday’s evening we discussed several topics, most of them for which I expect you get a full course while doing an MBA. Each topic was covered in a 1-hour round with plenty of time for questions and discussions, which was cool.

At night we had dinner with Paulo Laureano, which I’m a big fan (go Siteseed 3), with discussions around starting security startups, taking capital from the gov. vs from banks, etc.

Saturday was a bit heavy with all the giants we had to cover (Finance, Accounting, etc). Lunch was at the beautiful restaurant at the top of the Tivoli Oriente Hotel, and the nice weather allowed for a terrific view to the sea (I felt like living the life of a rich person there).

The evening was full of very interesting material and the way MV talks helps to chew, the sometimes otherwise dead boring topics.

In the end it made me realize a lot of things. Maybe the most important one: you really benefit from knowing BA stuff. It is really useful. It is not like some people say: “what you don’t know you can learn on the way”. Or, let me rephrase that, you can learn on the way, but you will be learning from your own mistakes, and that’s not the easiest way of learning.