Meaningful Work

I was going through some old files on my laptop and found this notes on “Meaningful Work”.

A job is way to make money. A calling is a way of life.”

To find meaningful work, you need to know what work means to you. What does work mean to me?

1. discipline (you have to work every day, get up early, etc.)
2. sacrifice (sometimes things are not what you expect, sometimes people are mean, sometimes people are stupid, etc.)
3. creativity (you can create things, design new things), perseverance (it takes perseverance to meet the work goals), etc.
4. personal fulfilment (if you can manage to do things that are appreciated by others, if you’re recognized in your work place as being knowledgeable, trustworthy, on-time, smart, etc. then you will feel this fulfilment and you’ll feel good).
5. having fun (I have to enjoy what I’m doing, that’s an important part of the job)

I once said to a bunch of high-school kids in a speech I gave that work is not the thing that will decide if you’re happy or not. And I still believe that. If you have the right conscience and energy you will be above work, you will be in bliss.

Remember to play.

Pay attention to your dreams and fantasies. Dreams can help us to uncover those aspects of our being that have not yet found expression in our lives.