12 Things I Like About StackOverflow

12 Things I Like About StackOverflow:

– You can edit questions posed by other people (e.g to correct spelling, add links, etc.)
– You get points as reputation that are given out according to the votes you get on your answers/questions.
– You can select a piece of your own reputation and attach it to the question as a bounty.
– You receive badges for things like “Completed all user profile fields”, “Asked first question with at least one up vote”, etc.
– Slick UI and responsive site.
– Tagging is meaningful and you get a “Organizer” badge for your first retag.
– Some actions are only available after a certain reputation is attained.
– I’ve posed a question and 3 answers came in within the hour.
– No number 9.
– You can browse through the users and see their profile and reputation, acting as a social media site.
– It’s actually a programmer’s community.
– For every question or search you can get a RSS feed.