Another One Bites The Dust

The project I’ve been working on is called CoMCS, which stands for Combined Maintenance of Mission Control Systems, and it is basically the software used for controlling on the ground the spacecraft used by the Rosetta, Mars Express and Venus Express missions.

My team has just finish the latest delivery of our software, which means we’ve done all the code, testing, documentation, etc. That means we’ve implemented and tested successfully 55 software changes/fixes. I was surprised and happy to see that none of my changes had problems during the testing. I would say this is a clear result of doing peer-reviews before the commits and of really understanding and testing the changes before making them.

The software is now installed on a staging area where it will be further tested until it goes into the operational live system. Anyway it’s good to have this behind our backs and just in time for my holiday that starts next week. :-)

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