Visiting a Particle Accelerator

Yesterday we went on a visit to GSI, a research center that features a particle accelerator. We were welcomed by Dr. Abel Blazevic, a physicist working there, that gave us a presentation about the place and the research. After that we went on a tour around the campus. The place is very interesting, everything seems very custom made, almost as a big garage full of inventions put together. The scenario of a science fiction movie put to live. The highlight of the visit was this sphere (I won’t risk explaining what the sphere is for), every tube that composes part of it costs around 50.000 euros and was provided by a different country. Now that’s impressive.

One thought on “Visiting a Particle Accelerator

  1. I can name a few body parts I'd (semi-)happily give for the chance of being around a particle accelerator!
    Great to know you're having a great time.
    Keep cool [[]]

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