Recycling in Darmstadt


* Plastic – (the ones with the recycle symbol) have to be put in yellow bags that you get from the townhall*, it has to be the yellow one! Or else your bag is discarded and not picked up. This is collected every two weeks and people put those on the street.
* Paper (Papier & Karton)
* Organic – you will need proper bags for organic trash, don’t use normal plastic ones of course. (bio)
* Glass & Bottles – you have one of these for the street or the area (Glas)
* Other Misc. Trash (Restmüll)

* – Neues Rathaus (Carree)
Luisenplatz 5a
64283 Darmstadt, Montag bis Donnerstag 7h – 18h, Freitag 7h – 15.30h

Lots of information: