You Only Miss What You Know

It’s funny to see people using these really old tools (IDEs, compilers, etc.) and not miss anything..

Well, I miss Eclipse with the memory profiler, the debugger, the Ctrl-Click go to function, the Ctrl-space auto-complete, the integrated documentation, etc.

One thought on “You Only Miss What You Know

  1. Actually I cry myself to sleep every night, mourning the loss to my workflow since having moved away from the developer's dream that is Microsoft Dev Studio (.Net). Ah, those halcyon days of auto-complete, intelligent toolbars, a debugger that didn't suck donkey balls… seem all so distant now.

    I've been working with XEmacs for over 2 years now and only recently have I worked out that Ctrl-S brings up a search box in that ridiculous mini-buffer nonsense at the bottom of the sodding page.

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