The past weekend we rented a car to go to IKEA. The car was a Citroen Berlingo HDI, quite nice I must say. The thing is, as I left my friend’s house after watching the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday, I noticed a small dent on the car :(


After I realized I couldn’t do anything else about it I ended up calling Europcar and they told me to call the police. So I called the police and they did a damage report which I then delivered the next day to Europcar.

You see, I have a car and I left it in Portugal (2 months now) because I’m a bit fed up of cars and besides I’m always concerned about damaging the car, myself or someone else while driving. A bicycle is just fine for what I need now. So I thought: “damn it, I rent a car two days and this happens!”

So you can imagine my face when I got a phone call from Europcar today and they told me the car had already the problem before I rented it. They said they were going to through my damage report away. It didn’t happen during my rental period! Christ, how about warning clients and telling them the car is damaged before renting the car?