Arrival at Darmstadt

 What went wrong?

– Had to pay for extra luggage weight.

– Took about one hour to find the bus from Frankfurt to Darmstadt.

What went right?

– Darmstadt seems to be a quiet place, with lot of trees, clean air and bicycles!

– The trip from Frankfurt by bus is direct, takes about 20min and one-way tickets are 7€.

– Found a nice place to have dinner, an Italian restaurant that has ‘Tri Di Pasta’ by 8.50€.


From the people I talked until now, the taxi driver was the only that didn’t knew English. When I told him I was from Portugal he said: “Benfica! Eusébio!”. To which I replied: “Mourinho! Chelsea!”.

I’am excited with the opportunity here but I’m also tired as yesterday night I went to sleep only around four o’clock, after helping out Ana with some stuff and finishing packing up.