Arrived a bit late today at work (around 11pm) since Ana had to go to the bank in order to do some preparation for our vacation that begins tomorrow. We’re going to Bled in Slovenia for camping, via Venice by airplane.

I wanted to close all my tasks at work before we go and I think I did.

The latest project was really cool to develop. We needed a Flash application with capability to make VoIP calls. I remembered Skype had a developer API and after some digging I ended up coding a simple C# socket server that receives messages from the Flash app and controls Skype accordingly. It works fine and I’ll probably be talking more about it soon.

Another project I had completely wasted me during the last weeks. Fullscreen fluids dynamics just isn’t for Flash yet, even with multicore support. I tryed several ways of applying the “ripple” (andre michelle’s for example) ) but none seemed performant enough to run at 1024×768.

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