What's going on the world… for me

mickey and pedro, from OpenBSD, arrived last week from Germany to spend a couple of days in Portugal and they are staying over. Together with Rodolfo (from Madeira), we headed over to Coimbra on the weekend to meet up with other developers, like Marc Balmer from Switzerland and the recently promoted-to-developer Rui Reis and other not-less-important friends and enthusiasts. It was nice but I got a feeling next time we could/should skip the talks and just hack and chill. I liked the talk about asynchronous I/O although it became too technical for me sometime there in the middle.

Now the hard part is coming back to reality. These events really get me excited and full of energy to do stuff and then on Monday its like “get to work”, “you have these totally different shits to do”.. and it sucks.

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