Couple of stuff

Updated WordPress to 2.1.3 and also [[|Dokupress]] to work on this release (two lines change).

** Adobe open-sourcing the Flex framework **

Adobe is open-sourcing the [[|Flex framework]]. It seems this release will include not only the Flex Framework, but also the mxmlc compiler and debugger, which is great news. Like [[|Luke Bayes]] said, “This is really exciting news, thanks to whoever made this call!”

**Flash Boundary Collisions**

This week I had to develop a Actionscript3 app that involved floating objects around the screen and boundary collisions. In Actionscript this is normally done via the enter_frame event but a small detail is needed. When you check if the object is colliding against the wall, before inverting its route, you should place the object at the boundary width/height (respectively for left-right collisions and top-bottom collisions). I published a [[|small demo example]] of the result effect which looks nice I think..

**Apollo First Steps**

I’m making my first steps with the [[|Apollo]] runtime from Adobe. Apollo is a cross-platform runtime that’s allows the development of desktop apps based on Flash and Flex. I developed a quite small app that sends that e-mail through a php webservice based on a form that is submitted by the Apollo app. Just for starters as you can see but fun. It was a breeze to develop.

Some cool Apollo applications I’ve seen this week:

* [[|time tracking application]] – the screenshots look great. I’m anxious to download it and try it.
* [[|Ascension Music Player]] – Mike Chambers from Apollo team launched the source and an AIR file for Ascension. Apollo Ascension is an Apollo based mp3 player and music explorer. Very good looking.
* And of course the apps listed on Adobe Labs as [[|Apollo Applications Samples]].