OpenBSD developers in Portugal for the first time

During last week, several OpenBSD developers, including project founder Theo de Raad, were gathered in Coimbra for a OpenBSD hardware hackathon (photos, photos and more photos). The event wasn’t announced at OpenBSD-PT because the hackathon is restricted to developers only. Some of the stuff people worked on include:

* grange committed a new driver for IBM serveraid controllers.
* Jordan, kettenis and marco are doings all kinds of crazy acpi stuff.
* dlg and krw are working on a new method for offering more openings to scsi drives in the scsi midlayer.
* uwe is working on making his new shiny camera work on OpenBSD.
* Matthieu has been commiting the new code.

Pedro Almeida was the main guy making this happen and so we all owe him a beer (or two or three). Developers the flyed to Veneza for OpenCon.