Computer Engineering and Masters

08h00 – After sleeping 5 hours there we were, heading towards Redondo. Me and Ana were invited to give a talk at a local high school about the Computer Engineering course.

After a general introduction, I talked about what professional opportunities exist nowadays. Some of my university colleagues are now at [[|YDreams]], [[|Siemens]], [[|IBM]], [[|Edisoft]], etc.. and so I tryed to pass the message that, at least in IT, the job opportunities aren’t as bad as in other areas. I then talked about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin and other famous people in the IT industry. I finished by saying that if they follow this course they also have the opportunity to start a company with less money that in other industries. Other speakers included a biologist and a constructions engineer, but as we talked later with the professor that invites us, the kids were really thrilled in the end with computer engineering!

11h00 – Heading towards Évora for Ana’s masters pre-presentation, the one that counts is only tomorrow.

Ana Masters

12h00 – She did great and had a lot of attendees too. Congratulations!

18h00 – [[|Kung-Fu]] Training.

23h30 – Totally tired.