Professional Attitude

Something I saw at “Doing a Project or Thesis at the PADX lab”:

A good attitude is necessary in every working environment. We also noticed that differences in culture make it necessary to explicitly state what we expect. Moreover, this works in both ways. We feel highly responsible to guide you in your work, but only in a correct relationship!

  • Teamwork, ok! but how? It is all about communication, respect and fairness!
  • Respect any agreement, stick to it, otherwise inform the person! If you have for example an appointment and you can’t come, inform as soon as possible. Similar, if you’re asked to do something, it’s better to admit you didn’t do it than to try to conceal it.
  • In some cultures it is inappropriate to say no or to explicitly disagree. Bear in mind that this is totally the opposite in western modern professional culture: we expect people to say no if they disagree, it is almost impolite not to do so!! We think that a good relationship only works if we know what the other really thinks. So, don’t be surprised if you are criticized: we want to be honest and we belief criticism is the only way to learn from your mistakes.

One thought on “Professional Attitude

  1. Esses "concelhos" não apenas úteis para trabalhar em equipa, a mim parece que se aplicam no dia a dia, no relacionamente com as pessoas!

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