Help me grow my network

The other day I was surfing through (a social bookmarking website) and clicked on a user that had a fair amount of links organized in a strange way that I wasn’t familiar with, something along the lines of this:


I then quickly found what I had been missing is known as ‘bundle tags’ and permits organizing the tags into categories (the so called bundles).

I’m now also adding friends to my ‘network’ there. It’s useful because if I find a link about X or Y and remember one of my friends I can recommend the link to he/she just the clicking ‘Tag this page’ (via the firefox extension) and write ‘for:username‘. That’s it.

If you don’t want your friends sneaking up all your bookmarks you can always turn the privacy option in your profile so there’s really no reason not to be using this already ;)

So if you have a user send it to me, mine is morgadinho.