Humorous comics feeds

Most of my web feeds are on technical issues or from friends that blog about work. That’s ok but sometimes gets really boring. I decided to make reading my feeds more fun and went on search for humorous comics feeds.

[[|Tapestry Comics]], a web app built on top of Ruby on Rails, is a directory of web comics with feeds from which I glady pulled out [[|dilbert]], [[|Every One Loves Eric Raymond]], [[|Sev Wars]] and [[|Snap-o-Mania]] for now. They are so many that its difficult to choose :)

I wanted of course a feed for [[|PhD comics]] and [[|Userfriendly]], but couldn’t find any. It’s a pitty, but I understand their bussiness decision, most of these sites earn money from advertisement and page views, a web feed would danger that (or so they seem to think).

If you have more fun stuff let me know. Thanks.

**Note:** If you don’t know what a ‘feed’ is go to [[|this page]] and use [[|Bloglines]], for example, to track your favorite feeds.