It’s been a while since I’ve write anything here. A lot has happen since my last post, most significantly my grandmother passed away.

About a year ago, she and my grandfather were preparing to leave to Lisbon for a few weeks. As they were leaving the house, she suddenly lost strength in her legs and fell to the ground. She never walked again since.

She had a treatment for a cancer twenty years ago but it got worse and caused pressure on the medula that didn’t allow the commands from the brain to go through anymore. She did a whole year and a few weeks without leaving the bed, depending on the good faith and love of family, friends and doctors, prior to succumbing to the illness. Her last hours were of agony and pain.

But life isn’t about your last year is it? Everyone who have seen my grandparents together knows they were pretty close. I’m know they lived great moments of happiness and had a wonderful life trip together.

Inevitably, death brings back that life is temporary. Something we know but tend to ignore most of the time. As for me, I tryed as much as I could to be like a lotus flower – in the water but yet untouched by it. Right or wrong, the choice was mine and I take full responsability for it.