Exciting new adventure: Life

Life is of wonderful magic, uniqueness and beauty.

There is so far no evidence for life now or in the past on any of the
planets on our solar system. Structures have been found occasionally on
extraterrestrial rocks that look somewhat like small versions of
microorganism fossils but certain about these having to do with life or
being formed by ordinary precipitation of minerals doesn’t exist.

That’s why I think, and today it really striked me, that life is the
greatest gift anyone could ever gave me. And even more, the sole
experience of contemplation that it offers is enough reason to live
happy, and perphaps even, to die happy.

I know I still have much to discover and unveil but now all is
different. Like Osho says: “Life is more of a mystery to be lived than
an enigma to be solved”.

Think of people alone and interacting with each other. Think of birds,
the sea, the planet and the universe. Every thing you do, hear, smell,
watch is a unique moment of complexity and simplicity alltogether that
science will never be able to predict but simply watch as it unfolds.

Its sad that some people because of poverty or diseases, etc.. cannot
joyfully experience life as others can. If that is so, maybe our mission
is to join some global humanitarian organization that can help some of
these people to live better and help them. Or perphaps donate part of
our income to those global organizations. I don’t know.

Even so, exciting new adventure: Life.