On Ubuntu Linux

LinuxForums are [[http://www.linuxforums.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=122&Itemid=98|reviewing the latest Ubuntu Linux Dapper version]] but I just wanted to bring forth a sine paragraph from it:

> Of course a few things were said about Canonical Ltd. not having a viable business model, the distribution’s success being only a consequence of a trend of the moment, and Ubuntu being a bad fork from the Debian project. But as releases went by, and the distribution simply getting better, it soon became clear to a lot of people: Ubuntu was the most popular distribution.

Why is this interesting? Well, when back in [[http://www.whatthehack.org|What the Hack]] I saw a presentation on Ubuntu by [[http://mako.cc/biography.html|Benjamin Mako Hill]] with his lovely hat ([[http://www.flickr.com/photos/teemow/29662865/|photo here]]) I though more or less the same thing, “yet another debian fork”, etc., etc. Of course when I tryed it the first time I knew it meant something more. Much more.

What caught my eye was the “Just Works” feeling. You’re sick of banging your head against stupid defaults and configurations and just want something to get things done. Half-world is changing to Apple because of this and Ubuntu is the nearest thing you can get in the Linux world. But I know other things that made the difference. The best marketing you can get these days is the “buzz” and Ubuntu has that too.