Karting and Week roundup

This week I went karting. My team (Algarvios Racing Team) finished 5th out of 17, not bad. I did the fastest lap from our team (56.492 I think) which was pretty good. I had the luck of starting the race (7th on the starting grid) and the thrill of the start is something I can’t really describe. I passed two guys on the first laps and got 4th for a bit but then we ended up in 5th overall. Great time.

Tomorrow some friends will be participating in the ceremony that is part of being in the last year of the graduation here in Evora. One of them is doing an internship at [[http://www.ydreams.com|YDreams]], another one at [[http://www.criticalsoftware.com|Critical Software]], etc. which is pretty cool.

And my MSc work is going well. I’m keeping a research journal for a few months now about it but off-line and in OpenOffice format for now. I found it to be faster and without the many quirks of using something web-based like a Wiki or a blog category.